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rear window

2010 Aug 05 Thu 3:34 pm

Has anyone found a reliable source for back glass for the wagons?

Re: rear window

2010 Aug 05 Thu 9:47 pm

Good Luck;

I finally found a NOS replacement about 4 years ago. It also took me about 4 years to find it. They are almost impossible to find now, unless they are used and out of a parts wagon. If I'm not mistaken ( by junk ) had a used one for sale. You can check with him to see if he still has it. He sold almost everything last time I checked, except the rear window.

Don't know if it matters but they came in two tints, green for sure and grey or blue. Hope your not picky.

I am keeping my old one until I get the new one installed and on the wagon. That may be years away. Ha!!

My original has a major scratch that could be polished out but I'm sure it would effect vision through it. Getting it polished may be your best bet unless it's cracked etc.

Your best bet otherwise is to check with a local Auto Glass Shop that does old vehicles. They can go on line and possibly find some obscure hole in the wall place that might still have one. I found mine by calling all over the country from one shop suggesting another to another to another. I also payed dearly for it and I mean DEARLY, and that was 4 years ago.if I could find some nice used ones and the price was right, I'd buy everyone I could get just to resell them.

Oh, forgot to tell you, seems as though everyone that has one for sale also knows how scarce they are. A big bullet to bite, you may feel as if your buying the whole parts wagon. Hum, maybe a good suggestion if you have the room to store it as you part it out.

Good Hunting.

Re: rear window

2010 Aug 06 Fri 7:08 am

What is a used rear window for a Conestoga going for these days?


Re: rear window

2010 Aug 06 Fri 4:47 pm

As the window was broke when I got the car, polishing it is moot.

I found a used one (with separation and milky/bubbles) in Texas about 5 years ago for $150. Didn't get it.

Who is this 'by junk' person? It is a good lead for me...

Re: rear window

2010 Aug 06 Fri 8:11 pm

Conestogaman -

Just do a quick search of posters, you'll see his name (junk !). He's had a good amound of parts for sale at reasonable prices.
A good guy.


Re: rear window

2010 Aug 06 Fri 9:06 pm

Thanks, Mang.
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