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Workin weather's com'en...

PostPosted: 2012 Mar 22 Thu 6:23 am
by Mike
Comeon...someone's got to be doing sumthin to their Conestoga(s)...!

What's your plans for work on your wagons for this summer ?

The "try" to get the engine together. I should have the cam soon, then I gotta wait for the adjustable cam gear. My only problem now is to decide on what the rocker arm system will be. Roller rocker on the shaft (Stude shaft) or big block Chevy rockers..!?

The 55, would LIKE to get the quarter panel swapped and the top somewhat cleaned up...but this is gonna be a tall order. The top...I want to put a flatter roof panel on the car. Will give it a two inch top chop without loosing any window area..! A Lark top panel should be fine...just gotta find one. That should be an easy swap, if I can locate a (59, 60 type) Lark wagon roof.