Paint Code - New Paint Type

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Paint Code - New Paint Type

Postby Fifty5stoga » 2016 Jan 08 Fri 5:06 am

I have my engine out getting it rebuilt and realized that I need to paint my engine bay before I put it back. As a result, I have started the search for paint.

There are a lot of options out there from Eurethane to Enamel. It seems I need the paint code to match original color if I order online. I can't seem to find where it is located. Does anyone know?

I believe the color is Saginaw Green, but there are several options for 1955. I believe mine is a later one, since it has the 259.

Also, what paint type have you see success with? I was thinking enamel due to the much lower cost and it being closer to the original type. I have never painted a car before, so I don't really know what paint will provide better results.


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Re: Paint Code - New Paint Type

Postby Mike » 2016 Jan 08 Fri 6:48 pm

fifty -

Nice car, but you aren't going to go very far, very fast with all those tiny little wheels..!

I'm not the one to help with paint..! It took me 12+ years to paint my fist car back when I was a kid. Painted it, then a year later sold it..!
The 54 wagon "driver" I'm building now has the original paint on it, I don't foresee changing that any time soon..! It's rough, but this way I wont get too upset if something happens to the paint.

Hopefully someone will chime in. Have you posted on the Studebaker Drivers site ?

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Re: Paint Code - New Paint Type

Postby Half Fast One » 2016 Jan 23 Sat 6:40 am

Hi, My name is roger and I have painted vehicles before. My suggestion would be to go to a automotive paint supplier and look at his color charts. Also ask him what he suggest. He can also mix the color you want to try and put it in a shaker can so you can try your hand at it to actually see the color on the car. You may surprise your self. I've even seen guys paint their whole car in their garage this way.

Good luck, Roger...
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