heated front window or orher solution/too many mods?

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heated front window or orher solution/too many mods?

Postby redbaron » 2016 May 21 Sat 9:09 am

A while ago I asked if anybody was interested in heated frontscreens; no reactions. I had to order 10, plus tooling cost; aprox 6000 dollars for first 10; so 600 a piece.Next batch probaby 400...But howmany Conestoga's are still around?
I am not one of those newbie classic car drivers that want a classic car with all the tricks and luxury of a Maybach (look at some restorerd/destroyed 55 Nomads for example
with white pimp leather,digital dashboards , elctric everything,22 inch blingbling wheels etc, they were wagons for work and some play for crying out loud..; makes me wanna puke). Mind you I respect that you wanna give your personal touch to a car, and hotrodding is a great tradition the whole worlwide carloving community can thank the America drivers and tuners for, , but if you want a spaceship: buy one... I got carried away, but anyway: I do want and like a fast, safe and driveable classic car. Fogged up screens and/or freezing my ass off was OK when I still drove army vehicles 40 years ago, but now I am too old ant it's unsafe.
Found a firm who can supply a combined heater/cooling system. Consists of an extra radiator, a smart heat exchange gizmo and fans for radiator and interior. No special airco fluid involved etc. Just water/cooling fluid. Plumbing it in is not too complicated and does not spoil the underbonnet/interior appearance. In summer it cools and in winter it heats by the flick of a switch. I am gonna take the Stude up there for advice an will buy the package that they supply for DIY mechanics.Will keep you posted of time/money involved.
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Re: heated front window or orher solution/too many mods?

Postby Mike » 2016 May 21 Sat 5:35 pm

Electrically heated windshields aren't a normal thing. Even in colder climates in the states, especially if the "climatizer" (windshield heater) is working properly.
Also, for what it may be worth, the sedan and wagon share the same windshield.
Good luck on the heated windshield.

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