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SoCal's, La Palma Stude show

2018 May 28 Mon 9:42 am

Memorial Days, La Palma Park Stude show has come and gone.
Nice day overall. Cloudy in the morning but sunny late morning and afternoon.

My blue 54 wagon and another La Palma veteran, a coral colored Conestoga made for two Conestoga's.
There were a few other Lark and later 60's, 2dr. wagons there.

Pictures can be seen here - http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/ ... 0-Pictures


Re: SoCal's, La Palma Stude show

2018 Jun 09 Sat 10:58 pm

Wow Mr. Mike...Thanx a bunch for sharin that! You get your hot rod motor in your blue girl?

Re: SoCal's, La Palma Stude show

2018 Jun 11 Mon 9:21 am

Hey Al -

Na. Spent most of 2017 and a little of 2018 on the east coast for work. Two weeks there, three days home, two weeks there, three days home, and so on..! Nuthin got done at home. The "driver" 54 wagon is wound up in ivy that I need to finish cutting the car out of and get that car done first. Though I do have three different intake manifolds and adapter spacers to put small Chevy manifolds onto Stude engines...plenty of experimenting fodder for a while.

Oh yea, I retired the end of March.

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