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Selling my 59 Lark "SOLD"

PostPosted: 2018 Jul 03 Tue 8:46 am
by Mike
I know this isn't a Conestoga, but it's a close cousin..!

My 59 Lark is for sale.
Good daily driver needs a new home. It's been my everyday car for a long time, without incidence.
The price reflects the overall condition. Not perfect, but a very reliable daily driver in need of some TLC.

1. 259, 2 barrel (stock), though an Offy, 4 barrel manifold might be available. All basically stock, but with a Pertronics ignition module installed. Runs well, actual miles, unknown.
2. Relatively new alternator.
3. Relatively new battery.
4. New spark plug wires.
5. Dual exhaust, out the back.
6. 1960, standard style automatic, very low miles on an original 1960 Lark trans.
7. LeVesk front disc brakes, OEM drum rear. Non-power. The brake system is in good condition, won't need attention for MANY miles.
8. American 5 spoke, 15" x 7" wheels.
9. Tires are new, Hankook, Optimo.
10. No back seat. The battery is back, in the rear under where the back seat bottom was. Has a master power cut-off switch. It has bucket seats, drivers side needs some TLC. No carpet.
11. Positraction, 3.31 gears.
12. Aftermarket radio works (dash clean and NOT cut up).
13. Have the stock steering wheel and air cleaner
14. Yep, and rust in all the Studebaker locations..!

Pictures can be seen here -

If interested, please P.M. me here.



Re: Selling my 59 Lark

PostPosted: 2018 Jul 08 Sun 4:20 pm
that's a darn cute 2 door wagon

Re: Selling my 59 Lark

PostPosted: 2018 Jul 09 Mon 5:38 am
by Mike

Metropolitan's are cute...old Honda 600's are cute..!
Your'e a Stude guy, you should know that Studebakers aren't "cute", they're "cool".


Re: Selling my 59 Lark

PostPosted: 2018 Jul 30 Mon 7:59 am
by Mike