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Stainless trim

PostPosted: 2019 Apr 12 Fri 1:01 pm
by Bert Cheney
Hi folks! I am a newbie to the Conestoga registry. I am an old fart in Spokane Wa., a Stude nut, I currently have 4 plus a Stude powered Model A roadster. I am in need of some trim for my newly acquired 54 Conestoga. I need the center trim for both doors and the trim below the windows after the door on the pass side. I have the small piece that is just after the door, but I need the long piece that goes just under the glass and around the corner to the tail gate. I don't have a picture of my wagon yet, but will add one later. Bert

Re: Stainless trim

PostPosted: 2019 Apr 15 Mon 8:01 pm
by Mike
Bert -

Sorry, with two parts cars of my own, no help here.


Re: Stainless trim

PostPosted: 2019 Apr 16 Tue 9:00 am
by Cruzzar
Bert, just got on this site as a result of a suggestion from a SDC post. I might have what you want in regards to the stainless piece for your wagon. I believe I have both long side pieces from a 2door '55 wagon. I don't know if they are the same or not. Can you give me a description, size and length or a picture of the one side that you have and I will pull them out. If it is easier to send a picture thru an email, I can be reached at

Re: Stainless trim

PostPosted: 2019 Apr 18 Thu 8:06 pm
by Bert Cheney
Cruzzar, I got the trim piece from Steven Allen's today. Thanks for your offer. If I need anything else I will check with you. Thanks, again. Bert