I covered my 54's dash in cast carbon fiber

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I covered my 54's dash in cast carbon fiber

Postby Mike » 2021 Jul 26 Mon 11:16 pm

My first picture post !!! I figured out how to do it... Hope I remember for later.

See below, my "cast carbon fiber" look, vinyl wrap that I put on my 54's dash yesterday. The center lower window frame is just sitting there in the photo, but I got it fastened in place today. It is "sort-of' a cast carbon fiber look. I'm not covering the whole window frame, just the lower and part of the corners of the uprights.
Most all of my cars have been gloss black or matte black. This "was" matte black until the other day. Just trying something different..!
The center 18" or so wasn't too difficult. But as the compound corners came into play, the difficulty went up VERY quickly. Seems simple, but it took me a little over two hours. For the most part, I'm happy. There is a coupla wrinkles that I couldn't get out, but they are on the underside, where they can't be seen, unless your head is on the floor..!


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