The Studebaker Conestoga Owner Registry
Welcome to the worlds only Studebaker Conestoga Owner Registry!

If you are a lucky owner of one of these rare wagons, please share the joy, contact and register your Conestoga with us. Visit the REGISTRY to view other owners of these fine beauties. Don't miss the FORUM where you can ask questions, share advice, and buy-sell-trade your Conestoga parts. We also have a small vintage AD GALLERY, a random Conestoga PHOTO GALLERY, and a STUFF page. Glad you found us!

Studebaker Conestoga Registry

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About The Registry: The Studebaker Conestoga Owner Registry was born in December 2004 from an idea posted on the Studebaker forums of STUDE.COM. If you own any Studebaker Conestoga (running or not) please list your historic Studebaker in the worlds only on-line Conestoga registry! Just contact us.