Time to retire the forum?

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Time to retire the forum?

Postby BRIZ » 2023 Mar 18 Sat 9:35 am

since there is not much action here ...
and plenty action at https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/ ...
maybe it's time to retire this forum?

but not the site!
i'll keep the registry up as long as possible.
running my own server, the hardest part is just keeping up the forum & php updated to prevent attacks/spam/etc.
eliminating just the forums would reduce some risk and upkeep.
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Re: Time to retire the forum?

Postby Mike » 2023 Mar 18 Sat 9:28 pm

Hey Mat -

I was wondering if and or when you were going to bring this up !

Not sure why, but yeah, seems no one wants to talk wagons anymore.
Actually, even the "Racing" site is very slow. One guy from Sweden posts almost every day, but that's about it. A little about Stude drag racing here and there, otherwise...it seems to be down to the "Drivers" site only.

Your site, do as you need to do with the things that you need to do it to.

Let me know what and when.

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