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Postby Mike » 2014 Jan 06 Mon 6:54 am

Some time ago, I bought an aluminum radiator from the "Radiator Lady" ( http://www.theradiatorlady.com/ ) here in SoCal for my "driver" 54 wagon.
After getting the 53/55 radiator home, I found nothing was right. The inlet, the outlet and the brackets were all unusable on either a C/K or a wagon/sedan. I called, we talked a little, "no problem", was the comment, "send it back with what you want noted on it ."

Some time went by and I met them at a large swap meet here on the West Coast. I gave them the original radiator to go by.
Well, I met up with them today. It doesn't look like any repairs were done...! It looks like a copy of the orig. radiator as far as the original wrong stuff...without any signs of the repair. And it is the same one they originally gave me.
All no charge.

They use two cores depending on your needs. One has two rows and one has three rows of tubes. LOTS-a fin count. Not like some you see that you can actually see thru...with very few fins.
The tank material is a little thicker than most. They can also do the welding on both the inside and outside so when the tanks are polished, they look like machined stock rather thAn welded sheet. They will provide internal or no trans. cooler, other fittings or requests for minimal charge.

While I obviously haven't used it yet, I have pretty good confidence that it will do the job in front of my mildly warmed up 259 for daily SoCal summer (into the 100's) driving.

Give them a call if you're in need. Nice people, they build hot rods also, so they understand the needs we all have. They might require a picture with dimensions of exactly what you need as their Stude liberary is still small, but you'll get fine quality parts.
I'm not going to quote prices...but they are VERY reasonable....and they come with a great guarranty.

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