Oil pan fix

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Oil pan fix

Postby Mike » 2014 Nov 03 Mon 7:48 am

OR...another use for...bodyworking "nail" welders.

One thing that I occasionally look at as an onlooker at car shows, when a nice older car drives up, etc., is the underside of the car when possible. Or...when I work on someones car. One of my pet peeves is a trashed/crushed oil pan bottom.
While doing the engine for my 54 wagon..daily driver, I spent a fair amount of time hammering the pan bottom smooth again, like it was from the factory. ONLY to trash it again while putting the engine/trans. into the car..! The steering arms can do a good job of this. I realized a "bit" too late that a slight turn of the freaking steering wheel may have prevented the pan damage..but alas it's done.
So...how do I fix it ?

I tried the suction cup I used to pull a large dent from the side of the body. It worked great for that purpose, but the pan has too many little "things" and maybe too large a diameter suction cup keeping it from helping create any suction.

Ok...how bout another body tool, a nailwelding gun and slide hammer...!?
A (sort-of) cheap Harbor Freight nail welder AND short slide hammer worked great. A few well placed nails a few whacks with the slide hammer..."almost" as good as new.
So there you have it...dents in your oil pan...body working tools can be your friend.

Another reason for a "properly" placed oil pan bottom...is oil delivery. Most oil pump pickups are about 1/4" to 1/2" from the oil pan bottom. Having this clearance reduced by (the steering) tire stops, curbs, big rocks, etc., "can" be detrimental to your engine.

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