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Rear back glass

2021 Sep 07 Tue 9:20 pm

I have two back glass pieces (upper tailgate) for a 54 thru 58? Studebaker (or Packard maybe) wagon. They are not cracked and have little of no delaminating. These are free. I would prefer to have you come pick them up rather than ship them. I live in Visalia, Ca. PM me if interested. Be patient as I don't check this site regularly.

Re: Rear back glass

2021 Sep 07 Tue 10:53 pm

Have you put the notice on the Studebaker Drivers site too ?

I've had people ask me for back windows. Good luck, with finding them a new home, as they only fit Studebakers. It would be ashame to loose them to getting broken.


Re: Rear back glass

2021 Sep 13 Mon 8:12 am

I thought if might be a little more directed on this site but that's a good idea. Will dol
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