The Studebaker Conestoga Owner Registry
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1954 Conestoga Wiring Diagrams
1954 Conestoga Wagon Popular Science Review
Studebaker Engine Numbers

Studebaker Conestoga Registry

The following production numbers are for each model of wagon.

1954 Champion Deluxe 15G D3 total of 3910 made.
1954 Champion Regal 15G D5 total of 3074 made.

1954 Commander Deluxe 15H D3 total of 1912 made.
1954 Commander Regal 15H D5 total of 2878 made.

1955 Champion Deluxe 16G6 D3/4 total of 3517 made.
1955 Champion Regal 16G6 D5/6 total of 1372 made.

1955 Commander Deluxe 16G8 D3/4 total of 4280 made.
1955 Commander Regal 16G8 D5/6 total of 2516 made.

Grand total: 23,459

The Studebaker Conestoga Owner Registry

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